Ilorin COVID-19 Palliatives Looting: How Imam Changed People’s Mind

  • It is no longer a news that Ilorin, the Kwara state capital was among the places COVID-19 Palliatives Looting happened.
  • State governors informed that the COVID-19 Palliatives Warehouses were there in case of a second wave of coronavirus disease pandemic in Nigeria

The interesting however is that an Imam whose name was not mentioned has changed the minds of some of the people who looted the COVID-19 Palliatives warehouse a few days ago.

It should be recalled that COVID-19 Palliatives Warehouses in Lagos, Abuja, Osun, Calabar, Jos, among others were invaded by some residents in those places.

According to Deji Adesogan on his Twitter handle (@DejiAdesogan), he informed of what a certain did in Ilorin as stated below:

“An Imam (name withheld) in Zango area of #Ilorin reportedly asked people to return all the looted items & wait for Allah’s blessings & they complied. Religious & Traditional Leaders have key role to play in the much needed peaceful coexistence in #Nigeria.”

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