Top 20 LGAs In Nigeria With Highest Allocations In 9 Months

  • A good number of Nigerians believe that Nigeria, right from federal level down to local government areas (LGAs), that the country has no business being in dearth need of basic infrastructure
  • It is a sad tale that despite allocations and internally generated revenue by all tiers of government (federal, state and LGAs), Nigeria is termed the poverty capital of the world

Information provided on the highest allocations of some local government areas in Nigeria revealed the money given to the top 20 LGAs for nine months.

@StatiSense informed as follows:

9 MONTHS ALLOCATIONS TO LGAs – Top 20 in Nigeria:

1 Alimosho, LAG: ₦6.43b
2 Abuja Municipal, FCT: ₦5.22b
3 Ajeromi/If, LAG: ₦4.83b
4 Kosofe, LAG: ₦4.74b
5 Mushin, LAG: ₦4.67b
6 Oshodi/Isolo, LAG: ₦4.64b
7 Ojo, LAG: ₦4.59b
8 Ikorodu, LAG: ₦4.51b
9 Surulere, LAG: ₦4.35b

Refuse litters many LGAs in Nigeria
Refuse litters many LGAs in Nigeria

10 Agege, LAG: ₦4.24b
11 Ifako/Ij, LAG: ₦4.16b
12 Somolu, LAG: ₦4.08b
13 Eti-Osa, LAG: ₦3.89b
14 Ikeja, LAG: ₦3.88b
15 Amowo-O, LAG: ₦3.86b
16 Lagos Mainland, LAG: ₦3.85b
17 Bwari, FCT: ₦3.8b
18 Badagry, LAG: ₦3.73b
19 Epe, LAG: ₦3.59b
20 Apapa, LAG: ₦3.59b

Despite all these allocations, dilapidated roads and poor primary healthcare centres abound majority of the LGAs in Nigeria.

A good number of Nigerians are angry that almost all the top 20 local government areas have broken down infrastructure.

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