Governor Ikpeazu Issues Statement On N15,000 COVID-19 Fee Levied On Abia State University Students

  • Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia state has spoken about a COVID-19 pandemic fee levied on returning students of the State University
  • Returning students of Abia State University have been asked to pay a N15,000 COVID-19 pandemic fee

Students of Abia State University and some Nigerians on social media platforms have kicked against the said pandemic fee, calling it extortion

Governor Ikpeazu’s Statement on his Twitter handle (@GovernorIkpeazu) on the N15,000 COVID-19 pandemic fee is presented below:

“Yesterday (Wednesday, November 4), I had a Town Hall meeting with students & management of Abia State University where a fee of N25,000 per student was proposed as medical fee but slashed to N15,000 to help ABSU put in place adequate measures to protect the soon to resume students from COVID-19…

…pandemic. in that same meeting, I approved immediate bursary payment to students of Abia origin in ABSU, to alleviate impact of COVID-19 on them & enable them meet the medical fee obligations with ease.

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However, after a deep review of the agreement & its likely effect..

…on all the students & their parents, I’ve directed the immediate scrapping of the “pandemic prevention fee” by school management. Our government will now go ahead to pay N30,000 to each Abia student in the institution as further support to them, their parents…

…and guardians in this very difficult moment of economic downturn caused by the global health crisis.

Let me also add that we are proud of the progress made by the institution in the past 5 years and will continue to support them”

A good number of Nigerians had earlier criticised the Abia State University for the said COVID-19 pandemic fee before Governor Ikpeazu’s Statement.

Check out photos from the meeting the Abia state governor had with students as well as the Press Release by Abia State University below:

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