Former IGP Says No Fewer Than 200,000 Police Officers Are Attached To Nigerian Politicians

  • The recent End SARS protests across the country had Reforming the Nigeria Police Force has one of the core demands
  • It is sad that police officers are not respected by many Nigerian citizens not just because of the widespread of corruption in the Force but for various other reasons

Nigeria Police Force is seen as a government agency with various shades of characters.

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A former Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase has revealed the numbers of police officers attached to Nigerian politicians.

 “We have about 400,000 police personnel in Nigeria, and 200,000 of those officers are with the political elites.

Former IGP Solomon Arase
Former IGP Solomon Arase

“What we are doing in this country is that we are policing the elites, we are not policing security spaces, and this is an issue we have to look into.” Arase revealed.

It should be recalled that the current IGP Muhammad Abubakar Adamu withdrew police officers attached to some Nigerian politicians and private citizens a few days ago.

The images below reveal the names of 60 Nigerians whom IGP Adamu withdrew police escorts from:

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