What Nigerians Are Saying About Exemption Of Dangote From Border Closure

  • Nigerians are known all over the world as a country blessed with intelligent thinkers, analysts and opinion moulders
  • This has made the citizens of the most populous black nation in the world to be insightful and deep when reacting and commenting on trending news, national issues and global topics
  • In this wise, Nigerians have swiftly reacted to the waiver granted by the federal government to Dangote as far as border closure is concerned

The government of Nigeria has given Dangote the green light to resume exporting.

According to Bloomberg Africa (@BBGAfrica) on Twitter, “Nigeria has allowed Dangote Cement to resume exports across its land borders, raising hopes that trade with neighbours may be opening up after a year-long blockade.”

On the part of Nigerians regarding this latest development, they have the following to say via their Twitter handles:

“Dangote is exempted from export bans, the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer.” – @chubiei

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“Have you seen why it is absolutely impossible to be an “ethical billionaire”? Dangote is literally building his wealth on the death and starvation of millions of Nigeria.” – @Ethereal_I’ll

“My theory is that Dangote probably launders money for Nigeria’s elites coz there’s no other plausible explanation as to why rules keep bending for him while his competitors’ businesses are being frustrated from thriving.” – @DrChiemeziem

“FG exempts the Nigerian Overlord Dangote from border closure. As Dangote Cement resumes exports across land borders. One country, two systems!! One country, two laws!! Southern trade routes remain closed!! …..” – @firstladyship

“There are two sets of people living in Nigeria: Dangote and others.” – @MrOdanz

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