Top 10 States In Nigeria That Attracted Most Investment In 2020

  • The list of the top 10 states in Nigeria which attracted most investment in the year 2020 have been made known
  • Out of the 10 states, Lagos tops the list with an investment of $7.47billion, while Akwa Ibom had $236,700 invested into the state, making it 10th on the list

Investors put their money in a state or country after considering many factors like economic indices/viability; return on investment; short term/midterm/long term prospects and friendliness of the environment, among other factors.

Governors of most states in the country should be worried and think outside the box on what they can do to attract big investments into their states.

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A total investment of $8.61bn were attracted in 2020 by the 10 states with a breakdown for each state given below:

1 Lagos: $7.47billion (86.8%)

2 FCT: $1.05billion

3 Abia: $56.07million

4 Ogun: $12.99million

5 Niger: $12.33million

6 Sokoto: $2.50million

7 Kaduna: $2.03million

8 Anambra: $1.16million

9 Kano: $1.08million

10 Akwa Ibom: $236.70 thousand

NBS informed as reported by StatiSense.

From the list above, it indicates that the other 27 states out of the 36 states of the federation are not economic destinations for investment.

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