Check Out Nigeria’s COVID-19 Figures For December 29

COVID19Nigeria Figures

  • A total of 749 new cases of coronavirus disease were reported last for Tuesday, December 29 in Nigeria
  • Lagos state, the epicentre of COVID-19 in the country had 299 new daily cases

Each of Jigawa, Osun and Ekiti had one new case as Plateau state was second on the list with 131 new COVID-19 cases.

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  • Lagos-299
  • Plateau-131
  • Kaduna-83
  • FCT-74
  • Kwara-35
  • Sokoto-26
  • Edo-18
  • Kano-17
  • Katsina-16
  • Delta-11
  • Nasarawa-10
  • Ondo-9
  • Bauchi-9
  • Rivers-5
  • Akwa Ibom-3
  • Jigawa-1
  • Osun-1
  • Ekiti-1

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