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Chinese Billionaire & Founder Of Alibaba, Jack Ma Is Reportedly Missing

Jack Ma is missing

  • Jack Ma, Chinese billionaire has reportedly not been seen in the public since October, 2020
  • Multiple news outlets informed that the founder of Alibaba sometimes last year had a spat with the Central Communist Party (CCP) led government of President Xi Jinping

While reporting on the disappearance of Jack Ma, The Independent (@Independent) on its Twitter handle stated that “Chinese billionaire Jack Ma missing in public weeks after criticising state financial system.”

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On the part of (@OpIndia_com), it stated on its Twitter handle that “Jack Ma will either be jailed or end up dead.” added that it was “a prediction from 2019 that has gained great relevance as the Chinese billionaire disappears.”

Due to the disappearance of Alibaba founder, his financial net worth has dropped.

Holger Zschaepitz wrote on Twitter that:

“Where is Jack Ma? Alibaba’s billionaire founder is reportedly missing after he publicly criticized #China’s banking rulesĀ in Oct. His net worth dropped to $50.6bn after reports of his disappearance from his own reality show. Now only 4th richest Chinese.”

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