Steph Curry Sets NBA Record In Golden State Warriors Win

  • Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors has set a new NBA record for himself
  • Curry achieved a new career record of 62 points for himself when his team beat Portland Trailblazers by 137 to 122 points in an NBA game

“Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry sets new career high of 62 points in victory over Portland Trailblazers.” The Spectator Index reported.

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Curry has been praised by many basketball players for his heroic last night against Portland Trailblazers. Klay Thompson was one of the players who congratulated the Golden State Warriors star man for his 62 points.

According to, it informed on Curry’s top scoring 11 games as presented below:

  • 62 vs. POR (last night)
  • 54 vs. NYK (2/27/13)
  • 53 vs. NOP (10/31/15)
  • 51 vs. DAL (2/04/15)
  • 51 vs. WAS (2/03/16)
  • 51 vs. ORL (2/25/16)
  • 51 vs. WAS (10/24/18)
  • 49 vs. BOS (1/27/18)
  • 48 vs. DAL (1/13/19)
  • 47 vs. POR (4/13/14)
  • 47 vs. LAL (4/12/13)

On setting NBA records, several days ago, Dallas Mavericks set an historical record against LA Clippers too.

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