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Check Out Africa’s COVID-19 Update For January 5

  • South Africa is the only country in the continent of Africa with the highest numbers of COVID-19 confirmed cases
  • In Nigeria, the total confirmed cases of coronavirus disease are below 100,000 compared to South Africa which has over one million cases

Latest information has it that over 2.8 million persons have been infected with COVID-19 in Africa since early last year, while over 2.3 million persons out of those numbers have recovered and are coronavirus disease free.

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According to Africa CDC, the COVID-19 update in Africa as of 5/01/2021 at 9AM, East African Time, shows total confirmed cases at 2,852,010, while total deaths recorded are 67,928 and number of persons who recovered are 2,359,506.

There are still growing interests in why Africa has the lowest rate of COVID-19 infections.

In addition, the coronavirus vaccines are not yet accepted by many Africans who have mixed feelings about the different vaccines and their side effects.

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