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Will America & China Have More Cordial Relationship Under A Biden Presidency?

  • President Donald Trump of the United States will know his fate regarding the possibility of continuing in office after January 20 or not later today, Wednesday, January 6 as the US Vice president, Mike Pence and the Senate will determine either to affirm or annul the Electoral College votes of President-Elect Joe Biden
  • Some analysts of American politics and International Relations are finding it a bit difficult to categorically predict what decision would be taken regarding the Electoral College votes

A few days ago President Trump was accused to have made phone calls to some Georgia officials in order to influence the 2020 United States Presidential Election results.

On the political and economic relationship with China, United States President, Trump had never hid his disgust for the Asian country as he believed America was at a disadvantage position.

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More so, President Trump stated at a time that China plunged United States and the entire world into the coronavirus disease pandemic, which he called ‘China Virus.’

As President-Elect Joe Biden is just a step to finally cement his victory, the question to be asked is, will America and China have a better relationship under a Biden presidency than during the Trump years?

Biden, a former vice president was alleged to have been helped by China to win the 2020 Presidential Elections, as some Republican Party members said the Democrat Party candidate is a puppet of China’s President, Xi Jinping.

President Xi Jinping’s government was recently accused to have allegedly abducted Jack Ma, founder of online store Alibaba, over criticism of his administration.

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