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China Trends Again After Twitter Permanently Bans President Trump

  • President Donald Trump has been permanently banned on Twitter following the Capitol Hill Building terrorist attack and his recent comments on the social media platform
  • This is the first time a sitting American president would be shown red card on Twitter

Outgoing United States president, Donald Trump is facing one of the toughest days of his political life as he leaves office on January 20 this year.

There are calls in some quarters that President Trump should be removed from office via impeachment or he should honourably resign as he is said to be a national threat to America and Americans.

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Incoming president, Joe Biden has stated that President Trump had caused the country a lot of problems, as the Trump camp said Biden is one of China’s puppet.

Sky News reported that Biden made it known that Trump is the “most incompetent president in the history of the United States of America”

Still on President Trump’s current travails, the Board of Trustees of Lehigh University has stripped the outgoing American president of an honorary degree given to him in 1988.

As the Biden presidency comes into life after January 20, time will tell if the incoming president is indeed an ally of China or not.

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