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Check Out 17 Countries With Most Deaths From COVID-19

  • United leads all other countries of the world with most deaths from coronavirus disease pandemic as reports revealed early thus morning
  • A recent data on the 17 countries with mist deaths from COVID-19 related causes has United States as number one and Indonesia at 17th position

Italy is the sixth country with most deaths from COVID-19 as a personal doctor of Pope Francis was reported to have died from coronavirus disease complications after being admitted at a hospital in Rome.

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The United Kingdom is also on the list as it occupies the fifth place on the list.

Most coronavirus disease deaths as reported by The Spectator Index:

  1. United States: 377,000
  2. Brazil: 203,140
  3. India: 150,999
  4. Mexico: 133,706
  5. United Kingdom: 81,431
  6. Italy: 78,755
  7. France: 67,750
  8. Russia: 61,837
  9. Iran: 56,171
  10. Spain: 51,874
  11. Colombia: 46,114
  12. Argentina: 44,495
  13. Germany: 41,434
  14. Peru: 38,280
  15. S Africa: 33,163
  16. Poland: 31,189
  17. Indonesia: 24,120

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