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More Troubles For United States President As Forbes Cancels Anything Relating To Trump Administration

  • Outgoing United States president, Donald Trump is under so much heat from different quarters following the Capitol Hill terrorist attack
  • A few days ago, President Trump was banned on major social media platforms and recently Forbes made a Statement on government officials working under the Trump administration.

“Forbes editor Randall Lane warns companies that will hire officials from President Trump’s Administration that Forbes will ‘assume that everything your company or firm talks about is a lie’.” The Spectator Index stated.

In a related development, PGA has moved the PGA Championships away from Trump-owned golf course, The Spectator Index likewise reported.

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To some Americans, they think the outgoing president deserves every maltreatment he is getting now, while others believe it is nothing but a witch hunt.

One interesting thing about President Trump is that some Americans put him among the three best Presidents ever of the United States.

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