New Cases Of COVID-19 In Nigeria Reveal More Than 1,000 Persons Infected

  • The coronavirus disease update for Nigeria revealed that over 1,000 persons were infected with COVID-19 on Sunday, January 10
  • Lagos, the epicentre of coronavirus disease in the country had 653 new cases

Osun state had the lowest new cases for yesterday, with two persons being infected.

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The daily cases of coronavirus disease reported in the country for the past few days have been on an average of 1,000.

Presented below is the breakdown of the 1024 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria:

  • Lagos-653
  • Plateau-63
  • Benue-48
  • Zamfara-45
  • FCT-42
  • Rivers-27
  • Ondo-26
  • Adamawa-26
  • Kaduna-22
  • Edo-18
  • Ogun-16
  • Imo-12
  • Kano-9
  • Yobe-6
  • Ekiti-5
  • Jigawa-4
  • Osun-2

100,087 confirmed
80,030 discharged
1,358 deaths

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