Nigerians Angry Over ASUU’s Comment On COVID-19 & School Resumption

  • The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has advised against opening universities in the country as January 18 was set for students to resume school after the over 10 months suspended strike action
  • In its latest take on school reopening, ASUU stated that it was not safe for schools to resume as there are no COVID-19 safety measures put in place to guarantee the safety of students

Following ASUU’s statement, Nigerians have taken to Twitter to react and air their views.

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“ASUU conducted a meeting of over 20 officials without social distancing, some people didn’t put on face mask just to come out and declare it’s unsafe to open universities because of Covid. Honestly at this point nobody can convince me that ASUU is always fighting for students. If it’s unsafe why you guys decided to call it off in the first place? ASUP have resumed since last year and they’ve not recorded any Covid cases because they know what they’re doing but you guys don’t even care, you bunches of idiots are just after your pockets. God is watching.” – @ImportedAlhaji

ASUU president
ASUU president, Professor Biodun Ogunyemi

“ASUU is the boyfriend, FG is the girlfriend, The universities represent the womb while the Nigerian Students are the unwanted pregnancy. Know this and know peace!!!” – @vhic_tore

“My USA friend just asked me what is ASUU, I told him it’s an annual festival in Nigeria where students don’t go to school for months, sometimes years.. 😭” – @Olaiturn_

“If ASUU refused to open universities on 18th of January, omo it’s likely we hit the street massively again o. E be like God wan delay una time abi. After you guys have been paid 😠🙄😭” – @peter_pentane

“One Time ASUU call off strike for students to resume. Another time same ASUU said its not safe to resume because of covid 19. But our market places are always filled. I have always known there is an hidden agenda behind all this. Seems ASUU is Nigerian students problem.” – @Gabafolayan

Do you support ASUU on it’s latest take on school not to reopen due to COVID-19?

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