Music Lovers Compare ICONS President, Laycon With Nasty C

  • The Nigerian social media platforms especially Twitter have a comparison battle going on currently
  • Some Twitter users are comparing Laycon, an upcoming music artiste and Nasty C

Both Laycon and Nasty C are rappers. While Laycon, popularly addressed as the President of ICONS is a Nigerian, Nasty C is from South Africa.

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Some of the comments and reactions of some Twitter users on the comparison between Laycon and Nasty C are highlighted below:

Laycon is smoking Nasty C in a rapper battle sha.. I don’t care what you guys think. – @theseyibello

Laycon is good , but stop disrespecting Nasty C !!!! No Nigerian Rapper can go on a Freestyle Battle with him. – @Mistakobz

Funny thing is that most of these guys disrespecting Laycon because of Nasty C don’t even listen to Nasty C😂🔥 – @AccraPresident

Laycon is miles ahead of Nasty C. – @sincerelydami

Why will a sane person compare Laycon with Nasty C? That’s too much disrespect on Nasty C tbh. – @o_kanyy

Laycon is an amazing rapper but he has a lot of learning to do to take on Nasty C. Are we clear on that? – @ZoeyAlbert__

I think they are paying these people to set laycon up for drags. If it’s not that, then it’s definitely ment cuz I don’t see how you’d think he’s better than Nasty C – @Akortainment

Laycon is good but Nasty C is better! ✌️ – @davvydmoore

Laycon, ICONS President
Nasty C

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