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Resignation Or Disengagement: 127 Soldiers Leave As Army Says Many Nigerians Want To Join Military

  • News of the resignation of no fewer than 127 soldiers from the Nigerian Army has continued to raise dust and a lot of reactions by the general public
  • According to Nigerian Army, the 127 soldiers were released from the military after the disengagement was approved

Some Niare asking the question if there was any difference between resignation and disengagement

Premiun Times informed that “according to the memo signed by T.A Gagariga, a brigadier general, who communicated the approval of their disengagements, the 127 soldiers are to submit all military properties in their possession.”

The content of the memo by Brigadier General T.A. Gagariga reads below:

“In compliance with the provisions of section A, the COAS vide reference B has approved the voluntary discharge of the above named NWO and 126 others listed in annex A. The soldiers are to proceed on terminal leave WEF 26th April, 21 while their disengagement date takes effect from 26th May 21 in accordance with the NA administrative policies and procedures No. 27 paragraphs 3 and 4,” the memo read.

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“Accordingly, I am directed to request you relate to their respective units to release the affected soldiers to report to HQ CAR with their unit service documents for documentation NLT 5th January 21 and ensure that:”

“a. All forms of military controlled items, arms, ammunition and items of combat kits are recovered from the soldiers prior to their disengagement date and certified that they are properly de-kitted.”

In a related development, the Nigerian Army has stated that a lot of people want to join the military.

According to the Nigerian Army (@HQNigerianArmy) on Twitter this morning informed that “the @newsThenigerian independently carried out an analysis of the NA recruitment application in the past four years. It was discovered that in the year 2016, the enlistment was oversubscribed by 45%. In 2017, it was oversubscribed by 65%, 2018, 70% in 2019, by 80% & 2020 by 95%.

“In a series of interviews conducted, it was observed that part of the reason for the surge in the interest in the Nigerian Army is the reintroduction of professionalism and improved welfare packages for officers and soldiers.”

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