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Why Sunday Igboho, Hausa-Fulani Issue Should Be Addressed With All Fairness & Justice, By Olahakeemola

  • There is tension in Oyo state presently as there are reports that police wants to arrest Sunday Igboho, who is said to be fighting insecurity as a result of inhumane activities of killer herdsmen in some parts of Oyo state
  • On Friday, January 22, Sunday Igboho addressed thousands of residents in Ibarapa town, Oyo North, where he spoke about the ultimatum he gave to killer herdsmen terrorising the lives and properties of people in that part of Oyo state

As of today, Saturday, January 23, there are reports that the Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Abubakar Adamu has ordered the arrest of Sunday Igboho.

In life, no sane person will open his eyes and let a particular person continue to cheat him without reacting, especially when he is pushed to the wall. Some people will not even allow you to push them to the wall before they fight you back.

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The Yoruba people and Yorubaland welcome non-indigenes, however, it will be foolhardy for a visitor to harm his host and think there will not be a reaction. As one of Newton’s laws of motion states that, “to every action, there is equal and opposite reaction.”

From another angle, some Nigerians are saying Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state and Sunday Igboho are not in good terms, therefore, the Oyo state governor reportedly wants him apprehended.

Recall a few days ago that Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo state gave killer herdsmen a seven day ultimatum to vacate all Forest Reserves in the Southwest state. The Ondo state governor added that anyone who wants to graze or any genuine herdsman should ensure he legally register with Ondo state government.

In Ondo state, high profile personalities and even the average residents have been kidnapped and murdered in cold blood by killer herdsmen, even after paying ransom.

What every Hausa and Fulani should know is that Yorubas will continue to accommodate them as long as they do not go beyond their boundaries in their host communities. Also, Yoruba people will not intentionally make them uncomfortable in any Southwest states they choose to live in.

One of the principles of peaceful cohabitation is not going overboard and respecting your neighbours.

Fulanis and Hausas should know that Yorubas are not expelling them from any part of the Southwest states as long as they know their hands are clean. Anyone who is not part of the killer herdsmen needs not worry himself about expulsion.

This article is written by Oladele Hakeem Olaniyan (Olahakeemola), who lives in Nigeria.

Thousands of Oyo town residents listening to Sunday Igboho
A man raises the hand of Sunday Igboho
Sunday Igboho
Sunday Igboho
Sunday Igboho

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