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Liverpool Goalkeeper, Alisson Becker Loses Father Reportedly Drowned Inside Dam

  • Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker is in really facing a trying time currently as he has just lost his father, José Becker
  • Multiple reports have it that José Becker died inside a Dam located at Brazilian region called Lazras do Sul after he dived in it

“Reports in Brazil that Alisson Becker’s father’s body has now been found lifeless after he dived into a dam and disappeared earlier.” LFC News reported.

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In addition, another account of the death of the Liverpool goalkeeper was given.

Alisson Becker in the middle with his late father and mother
Liverpool goalkeeper, Alisson Becker
Alisson Becker and late father, José Becker

According to DaveOCKOP on Twitter, he stated that as informed by Globo Esportes as follows:

Worrying story. “Alisson Becker’s father José Becker disappeared today after diving into a dam in the Brazilian region of Lavras do Sul – 320km from Porto Alegre. Mr Becker was bathing in a family property when he disappeared after a dive.”

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