#RamadanDailyDigest: Devote To Worship Not Evil Deeds All The Time

  • There are so many acts and deeds which ruin the life of a Muslim both physically and spiritually
  • Either a Muslim is fasting Ramadan or not, he or she should devote his time to worshipping Allaah, rather than engaging in some evil deeds

As some people do say, “good is good, it has no other name, ditto, evil is evil, it has no other name.”

It is sad and unfortunate to see some fasting Muslims involve themselves in not just vain talks but gossip, backbiting, hateful conversations, hypocrisy and their likes in Ramadan.

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Everyone fasting needs not to be reminded that Ramadan is a holy month where acts of worship take precedence over any other thing for a Muslim.

Allaah in Suuratul Humazah, Aya one (that is chapter 104, verse one) of the Glorious Qur’an cursed anyone and everyone who slanders and backbites. It is a big sin in the sight of Allaah to be involved in slandering and backbiting a fellow human without any just reason.

In a nutshell, every Muslim should desist from anything which brings Allaah’s wrath upon themselves. A word is enough for the wise, as the saying goes.

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