#RamadanDailyDigest: Are You Using Fasting As Excuse To Neglect 5 Daily Prayers?

  • The month of Ramadan does not diminish the spiritual life of a Muslim but increase it
  • After belief in Almighty Allaah and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon his noble soul), observing the five daily prayers comes next for a Muslim

Some Muslims use the effects of the Ramadan fasting to skip or neglect the five daily compulsory prayers.

The Glorious Qur’an contains so many verses that Allaah told Muslims to observe the five daily prayers. These prayers are obligatory and should be said at their appointed time.

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As a refresher, the five daily prayers are Salaatul Subh, Salaatu Zuhr, Salaatul Asr, Salaatul Asr and Salaatul Isha’ in that order.

In addition, the five daily prayers are the key to entering paradise on the day of judgement for all Muslims. Any Muslim who neglect the five daily prayers should forget about his hereafter.

A Muslim can suspend Ramadan fasting if he or she is sick, but cannot suspend the five daily prayers if he or she is sick. This shows why the five daily prayers are not to be joked with by Muslims, as Allaah prioritises the five daily prayers a lot.

Muslims are advised also to observe the five daily prayers in congregation in order to get their full rewards from Almighty Allaah.

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