Check Out The Top 4 Teams In Premier League, La Liga, Ligue One

  • The top football leagues in Europe are winding down gradually for the current football season
  • In England, Spain and France, some teams still have hope of fighting for the League title, while some teams can best finish in the second or third positions at best

Manchester City, Manchester United, Leicester City and Chelsea are the current top four teams in the English Premier League. Based on current points, Man City will surely win the League title.

Going to the Spanish La Liga, the current top four teams are Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla. Any of these four top teams can win the League based on results of the remaining games played by the other three top teams.

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In the French Ligue One, Lille, PSG, AS Monaco and Lyon are the four top teams currently. Mathematically, Lyon can still win the League title, but it will be very difficult.

The defending champions in England, Spain and France are Liverpool, Real Madrid and PSG respectively. However, that will change at the end of the current football seasons, as Liverpool are outrightly out of the teams to win the English Premier League title this season.

Which club sides would win the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and French Ligue One?

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