#CHERMA Champions League: 3 Things Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea Must Do At Stamford Bridge To Stop Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid

  • Chelsea will play host to Real Madrid in a second leg UEFA Champions League game at Stamford Bridge
  • Thomas Tuchel will be looking forward to playing in a second Champions League final if Chelsea qualify ahead of Madrid tonight

Zinedine Zidane’s Los Blancos will be aiming to win tonight and qualify for the final likewise, if Chelsea play poorly.

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Chelsea need to get some things right if they will play in the final against Manchester City in a few weeks time.

  1. Chelsea must score in the first half and play to score more goals in the second half. Although a zero-zero draw is enough for Chelsea to qualify for the Champions League final.
  2. Chelsea should not play for a zero-zero draw. The Blues must not play defensive game as this could backfire against their visitors.
  3. Thomas Tuchel should get his tactics right and use players, who will withstand the physicality of the Madrid players.

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