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Elon Musk, Doge Bitcoin Dominate News Headlines On Mother’s Day

  • Investors are still purchasing the Doge Bitcoin despite dipping today, Sunday, May 9
  • The interest in dogecoin of Elon Musk is reaching fever high in current times

Founder of Tesla and billionaire, Elon Musk was on a show last night with his mother as the world marks Mother’s Day today.

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Most of the comments and reactions on Twitter regarding the dogecoin are positive as investors believe it’s always a win-win situation for the Bitcoin.

According to a Dogecoin promoter on Twitter ( @DogecoinTA) he stated that:

“Hold #Dogecoin during growth: easy!Hold during dips: steel balls.Buy during dips: diamond balls!RT if you not only hold but also add more #Doge to your stack when the price goes down! 🔥”

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