Health Care System In Nigeria Needs Rejig As #JusticeForPeju, #JusticeForOmolara Trend On Twitter

  • Currently on Twitter, Nigerians are trending #JusticeForPeju, #JusticeForOmolara, among others for various sad tales
  • #JusticeForPeju and #JusticeForOmolara are trending because of what happened to one Peju Ugboma and one Omolara, who reportedly died in separate hospitals in the country due to poor health care and system

According to information obtained, for Peju Ugboma, she reportedly died due to the negligence of doctors who attended to her, while Omolara was said to have died for not being attended to for her peptic ulcer condition.

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A Twitter user, DaddyMO and with the handle (@therealdaddymo1) posted some information about what transpired regarding Peju Ugboma’s death

Presented below are the details on the death of Peju Ugboma:

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