Photos Of World’s Largest Frog, Goliath Frog

  • Have you seen a frog that weighs as much as over three kilogrammes before?
  • A specie of frog called the Goliath Frog is the world’s largest frog and weighs over three kilogrammes with a length of over 0.3 metres

Photos by @MythAndFact showed the Goliath Frog which is predominant in two major African countries.

Africa has diverse species of plants and animals there in the wild, which the world always appreciate.

The world’s biggest frog – Goliath Frog (Conraua goliath) can be 34 centimetres long and weigh over 3.2 kilogrammes. They are only found in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, where they live near streams.

Check out photos of the photos of the Goliath frog below as posted by @MythAndFact:

Goliath Frog
Goliath Frog is over 0.3 metres
Goliath Frog is over 3kg
Goliath Frog is over 3kg
Goliath frog
Goliath frog

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