Saudi Arabia Opens Kaaba To 20,000 Pilgrims For Umrah

  • Reports have it that no fewer than 20,000 pilgrims would be allowed to perform Umrah (lesser Hajj) as Saudi Arabia continues to enforce COVID-19 protocols
  • The world has been battling coronavirus disease pandemic going close to a year now

Recent photos and videos showed that the numbers of people who visit the Holy House of Allaah, called Kaaba in Makkah are on the rise.

Saudi authorities are not leaving any stone unturned in order to ensure the safety of pilgrims to Kaaba, as well as to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon his noble soul) Mosque in Madinah.

“As Masjid Al Haram reopens with gradual capacity increases, beautiful scenes from earlier today show pilgrims performing the Fajr Salaah in the Mataaf area near to the Ka’bah.” @Haramaininfo made it known on its Twitter handle.

The Kaaba is also called ‘As Masjid Al Haram’ by Muslims.

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