Is The Election Still That Of President Trump To Lose?

  • The United States Presidential Election is going down to the wires as voting will reach its climax in a few days
  • Reports made it known that former Vice President Joe Biden is in early lead against incumbent President, Donald Trump

News report by @spectatorindex informed that Joe Biden won Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, with five out of five votes; Trump did not win a single vote.

It should be recalled that both camps are accusing each other of voter intimidation as well as the use of propaganda.

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Several photos and videos have surfaced online where the political train of one of the presidential candidate was seen distributing food to different neighbourhoods in order to induce voters.

As results continue to trickle in, will Trump concede defeat and congratulate Biden or the sitting President would still shock his opponent in a last minute drama just like his first election against Hillary Clinton in 2016?

An American voting
An American voting

Both Americans and the outside world are keenly watching who the next American president would be between Trump and Biden.

It should be noted that no fewer than 100 million citizens of the United States have cast their ballots so far.

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