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#CapitolRiots: Do These Photos Show White Supremacy & The Mirage That #Blacklivesmatter?

  • Black lives matter (BLM), with the hashtag, #Blacklivesmatter has become a movement following the killing of black American, George Floyd by a Police Officer in the year 2020
  • Taking the knee became mandatory in many sports in order to honour George Floyd and affirm that the lives of black people is as important as those of the whites, as well as to stamp out racism

On the night of January 6, the United States of America witnessed a terrorist on its Congress Building, known as Capitol Hill, when some ardent supporters of outgoing president, Donald Trump broke into the building and were treated with kid’s gloves

According to multiple sources, the hoodlums, who carried the terrorist attack were on white and were not repelled with rubber bullets.

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The black lives matter hashtag again began because of the double standards in the United States political system of governance. Many believed that if the rioters last night were mainly Blacks, they would have been shit with live bullets.

President Donald Trump, VP Mike Pence, incoming president, Joe Biden and a host of other top American politicians have condemned the terrorist attack on Capitol Hill Building.

Different photos have revealed how the so-called Patriots had their way into the Capitol Hill last night.

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