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Twitter Influencer, Dr Olufunmilayo Cautions Nigerians Against Saying ‘Yoruba Demons’, Says It’s ‘Trbalistic’

  • A Nigerian Twitter Influencer and UK-based medical doctor, Dr Harvey Olufunmilayo has written an educative and informative thread on his Twitter handle (@DrOlufunmilayo) regarding the term ‘Yoruba Demons’
  • Yoruba Demons is a derogatory ethnic slur and fallacious name used to describe Yoruba men based on unsubstantiated and nonscientific facts regarding their sexual escapade and particularly how they disappoint women during relationship
  • There is no single proven fact or a national survey or findings by any sociologist in Nigeria which supports the use of the term Yoruba Demons for Yoruba men as all tribes in Nigeria and different countries of the world have some of their men who unapologetically break women’s heart

In this wise, Dr Olufunmilayo succinctly wrote threads to correct the erroneous beliefs of some persons to stop using the term ‘Yoruba Demons’ and also advise against any form of tribal sentiments and ethnic intolerance as presented below:

“Yoruba Demons” is an ethnic slur.
It is a very derogatory and pejorative generalising jibe stamped on men simply due to their ethnic group.

It is tribalistic.

If it is never ok to say “igbo ritualists” or “hausa illiterates”, why do people feel it’s ok to say “yoruba demons”?

As usual, the comprehension challenge crew are struggling to understand.

The last paragraph is NOT saying it is okay to say “igbo ritualists” or “hausa illiterates”.

I’m saying the same way you don’t make derogatory comments like that based on tribe, don’t say “Yoruba Demons.”

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“Oh but ‘yoruba demons’ is a joke”
Well it is a stupid joke.
A very stupid tribalistic joke.

There’s nothing positive about being a demon. Absolute nothing positive.

You can’t make a generalising negative comment and force people to take it as a “joke” compulsorily. It is daft.

“But ‘Merry Men’ movie celebrates Yoruba demons”

A handsome looking Yoruba man

You can’t use a nollywood movie as basis for an objective opinion on a subject.

Those same movies WRONGLY depict igbos as fraudsters/ritualists, but in real life we know that narrative is false.

Our movies can’t prove anything.

“But Yoruba boys have come to accept the title and even like it”

That’s very true. Some have.
But the fact that some people have come to ignore the negativity attached to a label doesn’t somehow rob the label of that negativity and contempt.

The historical meaning of a label is

The historical meaning of a label is what matters when you want to analyse the label.

“Yoruba demons” was used as a slur for Yoruba men historically. But some men as usual brushed it off and turned it around as a noble title.

But it really isn’t it.
And people need to know now.

Same way “wicked igbo girls” is now somehow normalised, it doesn’t mean it’s okay or appropriate.

We can laugh and banter about it all.
But we should try to unlearn some of these little things.

I suspect a time will later come when everyone will be more careful about all these.

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