This Is Why Many Nigerians, Others Want To Delete WhatsApp, Facebook

  • The use of different social media platforms in modern times has made communication much easier and faster
  • Two of the most popular social media platforms are WhatsApp and Facebook, which are both owned by Mark Zuckerberg

Social media users in Nigeria and a few other countries are already thinking of dumping WhatsApp and Facebook Apps after concerns over reports of privacy invasion and selling of data were raised.

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Mark Zuckerberg has been alleged in recent times to mine WhatsApp and Facebook users’ data for business purposes, which is a big violation and invasion of privacy.

On WhatsApp, some users revealed that the so-called encryption of messages, voice notes and video calls from a Third Party is nothing but a mirage.

Recently, WhatsApp released its new Privacy Policy which many users in Nigeria and other parts of the world are not comfortable with as they perceive a lot of foul play.

You can read one of the Privacy Policy below:

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