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President Donald Trump Sets Over 40 Years Record With United States

  • The United States of America is global superpower and sees itself as the police to all other countries in the world
  • For the past 40 years, starting from the presidency of Ronald Reagan (late), the ‘God’s Own Country’ has always have ‘War-loving Presidents’

A good number of times, America has been known to unjustly destabilise any country it has interest in all in the name of keeping democracy intact and removing authoritarian leaders, with Iraq and Libya as good case studies

Outgoing United States President, Donald Trump may be leaving on a bad note due to the recent Capitol Hill invasion that has further dented his political career, however, he remains the only American president, who avoided going to war while in office for the past 40 years.

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Starting from the adminstration of Ronald Reagan then to George Bush Sr, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr and Barack Obama, all the mentioned Presidents went to invade different countries.

The consequences of the unnecessary wars and invasions have left United States with more foes than allies.

President Trump goes into history for not following the precedence of his predecessors who went to war which were catastrophic and left a bitter pill in the mouths of the innocent citizens in countries like Iraq and Libya.

Social media ban from the likes of Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and the rest have been one of the dark patches on the Trump presidency.

All United States presidents from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump on war

The incoming president, Biden will be sworn in tomorrow, Wednesday, January 20.

Joe Biden
Incoming president, Joe Biden

Will Biden say a big ‘NO’ to war just like outgoing president, Trump? Time will surely tell.

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