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Google Threatens Australia Government Over Fee Payment

  • The world witnessed a few weeks ago the blocking of the different social media accounts like Twitter of former United States president, Donald Trump by the big Tech companies
  • A related event is about unfolding in Australia as the government and Google are about clashing

The Spectator Index reported that “Google has threatened to block its search function in Australia if the government passes new media law that would force it to pay local media companies.”

“Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the Stanford graduate students who founded Google over two decades ago, stepped down from executive roles over a year ago at Google’s parent company, Alphabet

“Sundar Pichai, Google’s chief executive became the chief of both Google and Alphabet in 2019.” New York Times reported.

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Following Google’s threat some Twitter users have reacted and made different comments on the issue.

“Go ahead. Lose 25 million customers. That’s a great idea.” Amalia Cella said to Google.

“They (Google) make so much money that it would actually not even make a small dent in their money. They would actually lose more money if the law was passed.” king James stated.

“Tech companies are literally more powerful than governments.” One Nick replied.

“Wow, now Google is threatening governments, this is serious.” Antonio Montero commented.

Larry Page (left) and Sundar Pichai (right)
Scott Morrison, Australia PM

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