Over 1,300 New Cases Of COVID-19 Reported In Nigeria On Thursday

  • Nigeria had 1,340 persons reportedly coming up with coronavirus disease on Thursday, February 4
  • The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) as well as 21 states had new cases of COVID-19

Most of the new cases were from FCT, Lagos, Rivers, Oyo, Akwa Ibom, Ogun, Ebonyi, Benue and Adamawa.

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Sokoto, with three new cases had the lowest daily new cases for yesterday.

A look at the breakdown of the 1340 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria:

  1. FCT-320
  2. Lagos-275
  3. Rivers-117
  4. Oyo-100
  5. Akwa Ibom-57
  6. Ogun-51
  7. Ebonyi-48
  8. Benue-44
  9. Adamawa-42
  10. Imo-38
  11. Kwara-35
  12. Gombe-32
  13. Kaduna-31
  14. Edo-29
  15. Osun-29
  16. Kano-24
  17. Ekiti-15
  18. Katsina-14
  19. Delta-13
  20. Nasarawa-13
  21. Jigawa-10
  22. Sokoto-3

The new daily cases have continued to rise in Nigeria despite more adherence to COVID-19 safety measures.

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