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Top 12 Countries That Generate Most Electricity From Nuclear In 2019

  • Electricity is generated via hydro power plants, Nuclear plants, solar power plants, coal, biomass and some other means
  • Some countries of the world are leaders in terms of using nuclear means to generate electricity to help power their homes, businesses and industries

United States and 11 other countries are at the front burner as far nuclear-generated electricity is concerned.

Based on information from Our World in Data (OWID) for the year 2019, no fewer than 12 countries relied heavily on electricity generated from nuclear reactors.

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“Our World in Data (OWID) is a scientific online publication that focuses on large global problems such as poverty, disease, hunger, climate change, war, existential risks, and inequality. The publication’s founder is the social historian and development economist Max Roser.” Wikipedia informed.

There is no single African country among the 12 countries.

According to OWID 2019 findings, Electricity from Nuclear (TWh) of the 12 top countries:

1 🇺🇸US: 830.7
2 🇫🇷France: 399.2
3 🇨🇳China: 348.7
4 🇷🇺Russia: 195.8
5 🇰🇷South Korea: 142.4
6 🇨🇦Canada: 98.1
7 🇺🇦Ukraine: 81.2
8 🇩🇪Germany: 75.1
9 🇯🇵Japan: 70.41
10 🇸🇪Sweden: 67.1
11 🇪🇸Spain: 58.4
12 🇬🇧UK: 56.7

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