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Tottenham Hotspur’s Dismal Performances: Is It José Mourinho Or Players’ Fault?

  • Being a Tottenham Hotspur fan will likely be one of the most agonising or disappointing things or one of the things which creates anxiety and could possibly lead to depression
  • Every football fan who supports a top club will not be happy to see his favourite team struggle against smaller club sides as the case is currently with Tottenham Hotspur

Coupled with dismal performances and poor tactical discipline, Spurs have continued to throw away games they should have easily won this season in the dying minutes.

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It is not a good sign for any football club to draw matches it should have easily won. However, it is becoming a recurring decimal with the José Mourinho led Spurs side as they have drawn no fewer than seven matches they should have won this season by losing their heads as from the 80th minutes.

On Sunday, April 4, Tottenham were leading 2-1 against Newcastle United, a result that could have taken them to fourth on the Premier League Table, but unfortunately, Newcastle equalised in the 85th minute, and the game ended 2-2, in which three valuable points were lost by Spurs.

As long as Spurs are synonymous with inconsistencies and poor tactical discipline, they win not finish in the Top 4, not to talk of challenging for the EPL title next season or in the next 50 years.

Do you agree with the writer of this article on why Tottenham Hotspur are failing their fans and supporters?

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