#RamadanDailyDigest: Patience, One Of The Virtues Of Believing Muslims

  • Patience is one of the distinctive qualities and virtues of believing Muslims, which makes them stand out in terms of character
  • Almighty Allaah revealed in the Glorious Qur’an in many Aayaat (verses) on the importance and reward for patience

Ramadan 1442AH, which began yesterday just like previous and subsequent fastings requires patience in order for a fasting Muslim to maximise the rewards in the holy month, called Ramadan.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon his noble soul) taught and demonstrated to his companions why a Muslim should be patient.

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In one of the Aayaat in the Glorious Qur’an that Allaah spoke about patience is Suuratul Baqara, Aya 153 (Chapter 2, verses 153). Allaah says: “O you the believing Muslims, seek Allaah’s help with patience and prayers. Surely, Allaah is with the patient Muslims.”

More so, Prophet Muhammad counseled a man on patience during his lifetime by repeatedly telling him “don’t get angry” no matter what.

Every Muslim should note that patience does not mean foolishness or stupidity, or not taking actions where they should take actions to correct a wrongdoing when they are capable of making such corrections.

In conclusion, a person who is not patient can not endure the hunger and thirst which come while fasting Ramadan.

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