#RamadanDailyDigest: Eating Sahuur & Iftaar Are Significant To Fasting

  • Almighty Allaah highlighted the details of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan in the Glorious Qur’an, specifically from Aayaat 183 to 187 of Suuratul Baqara, that is chapter 2 from verses 183 to 187
  • Sahuur and Iftaar are vital for every fasting person due to the rewards therein as well as what Islamic scholars explained

What does Sahuur and Iftaar actually mean? While Sahuur means the food and drinks taken before fajr, Iftaar means the meals and drinks taken after sunset to end the daily fasting.

In a Hadeeth of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon his noble soul), the Messenger of Allaah made it known that there is ‘Baraka’ (blessing) in eating Sahuur.

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More so, Sahuur gives energy for the whole day to a fasting Muslim.

Iftaar is the meal taken when fasting is completed after sunset. When a fasting Muslim is about to break his fast after sunset preferably with a date fruit, he says a prayer and then breaks his fast.

Furthermore, he observes Salaatul Maghrib and then eats Iftaar with any delicacy and drinks he likes. All the foods and drinks for both Sahuur and Iftaar must be halaal.

In conclusion, every fasting Muslim is always happy during Iftaar period as Prophet Muhammad confirmed this to his companions.

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