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Here Are The 12 Clubs To Feature In European Super League

  • World football has been thrown into controversy since last night following the announcement of a new football league format called ‘European Super League’
  • Some selected clubs from England, Spain and Italy are to participate in the Super League next season

European football governing body, UEFA has vehemently opposed the European Super League and warned clubs and players not to participate.

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Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez is said to be the brain behind the European Super League.

There is no elite club sides from Germany or France as members of the Super League.

The 12 Clubs that will play in the European Super League are listed below:

▪️ AC Milan
▪️ Arsenal
▪️ Atletico
▪️ Chelsea
▪️ Barcelona
▪️ Inter
▪️ Juventus
▪️ Liverpool
▪️ Manchester City
▪️ Manchester United
▪️ Real Madrid
▪️ Tottenham

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