#RamadanDailyDigest: Here Are Some Things Fasting Muslims Should Desist From Doing

  • Fasting Muslims should know their boundaries as far as the holy month of Ramadan is concerned
  • There are so many acts and deeds that fasting Muslims should not involve themselves in order not to meet the wrath of Allaah

Muslims who are fasting must not involve themselves in alcohol consumption and associated vices.

Furthermore, fasting Muslims should ensure they have cordial relationship with their parents, guardians and family members.

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Muslims should not engage in destroying lives and properties of people either in Ramadan or outside.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon his noble soul) in one of his Hadeeths in Saheeh Bukhari stated “a Muslim is a person whom people are free from the evils of his tongue and mouth.” This invariably means, a Muslim does not constitute a menace or threat to people in the society.

In addition, fasting Muslims should not indulge in backbiting, hateful conversations, gossips and their likes, because if they do so, they would have wasted their time fasting Ramadan without a single reward from Allaah.

Conclusively, the Prophet of Allaah again advised believing Muslims to speak good words or keep quiet if there is nothing good and meaningful to say.

All Muslims should know that either in Ramadan or not, they have to avoid things that will bring Allaah’s anger upon their lives..

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