#RamadanDailyDigest: 5 Most Honourable Messengers Of Allaah

  • Allaah selected some of His creatures and made them unique by giving them certain qualities and characteristics above other creatures
  • It is a natural thing in life that some students will be more honoured by their teacher and the school authorities for certain reasons, not just because of their academic brilliance

Just like in Islaam, Allaah honoured particular persons and particular things than the others. For instance, the holy month of Ramadan is the most honoured month out of the 12 Islamic calendar months.

In addition, Yaomul Jumu’a (Friday) is the most honoured day of the seven days in a week, while Laylatul Qadr is the most honoured night of all nights in a calendar year.

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The reasons why Allaah placed some Messengers higher in status than others is best known to Him, Allaah.

According to some Muslim scholars, Allaah sent over 300 Messengers to the world for different purposes, while he selected over 100,000 persons as Prophets.

In the last Ayah of Suuratul Ahqaaf, that is Chapter 46 verse 35, Allaah mentioned four Arabic words to talk about the five most honoured Messengers. Allaah called the five most honoured Messengers ‘Ulul Azmi Mina Rusul.’

Ulul Azmi Mina Rusul also stands for ‘Messengers of strong will.’ Muslim scholars informed that the names of these Messengers (may the peace of Allaah be upon them) are:

  1. Muhammad
  2. Eesaa (Jesus Christ)
  3. Ibrahim (Abraham)
  4. Musa (Moses)
  5. Nuuh (Noah)

In conclusion, knowing about these five unique Messengers and what they preached, as well as their life stories add a lot of value to Muslims interested in learning more about their religion, Islaam.

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