Another Sunday: Jesus Christ Talked About Following Death Of Socialite, Kayode Badru In Cele Church

  • Today, May 9 is another Sunday as billions of Christian faithfuls all over the world worship in different worship centres
  • Like in Nigeria, Christians in different parts of the world are talking about the lessons Jesus Christ taught his disciples

Some Nigerians on Twitter have continued to react to the death of a Nigerian socialite by the name Kayode Badru in a Cele Church in Lagos.

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According to information obtained, Kayode Badru was said to have died of severe burns from candles during a prayer session at the Cele Church.

The death of the Nigerian socialite has made some Nigerians to question the brand of Christianity practised by Cele Church goers.

Presented below by one Gloria Omaliko – Kali is the account of how Kayode Badru died

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