Covid-19 Message Title Makes Bishop David Oyedepo Trend

  • Bishop David Oyedepo is a household name in the Christian community in Nigeria
  • The Christian cleric oversees Living Faith Church, which is popularly called ‘Winners Chapel’

Currently, the Nigerian government, just like other countries have embraced the coronavirus vaccine for its citizens.

Some citizens in Nigeria and elsewhere still have their doubts regarding the Covid-19 vaccine and vaccination programme based on many personal reasons.

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Information made available on Twitter has it that Bishop David Oyedepo has spoken about getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

The head of Living Faith Church was reportedly to have said that “iif you want the vaccine, you can go for it, but don’t allow anyone to force you to take it.”

Some sections of Nigerian Twitter users supported Bishop David Oyedepo on his Covid-19 vaccine statement, while others were not comfortable.

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