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More Nigerians Support Ordinary President Ahmed Isah’s Reaction Towards Woman Who Set Girl Ablaze

  • Ordinary President, Ahmed Isah is a household name in Nigeria as far as Radio Broadcast journalism is concerned
  • Ahmed Isah owns Human Rights Radio Station, where he hosts a daily show called Lembe Lembe with his Brekete Family

The veteran radio presenter, Ordinary President is in the news and trending on Twitter following a video where he slapped a woman who set an innocent little girl ablaze because of witchcraft allegation.

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A woman in Akwa Ibom state tried burning a little girl alive after she said the little girl was a witch, a tradition of false accusations of witchcraft common in Akwa Ibom state.

Upon interrogation of the woman who set the little girl ablaze, Ordinary President slapped her as he, Ahmed Isah was visibly angry with the woman’s lack of empathy while answering his questions.

Innocent little girl
Innocent little girl set ablaze for witchcraft allegation

A good number of Nigerian Twitter users have reacted and commented, supporting Ordinary President slapping the woman in front of camera. Only a few percentage criticised Ahmed Isah.

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