What Cristiano Ronaldo Did To Bottles of Coca Cola During Press Conference Keeps Football World Talking

  • Juventus of Italy all time highest goalscorer, Cristiano Ronaldo is not known to court much controversy in the football world
  • Ronaldo is currently the highest goalscorer for his country, Portugal with a total of 106 international goals

The captain of the Portuguese football national team scored twice last night against Hungary in the ongoing Euro Tournament.

A day before Portugal’s match against Hungary, Ronaldo did something during the Pre-match Press Conference that caught the eyes of the world.

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The former Manchester United and Real Madrid talisman removed two bottles of Coca Cola placed in front of him and replaced it with a bottle of water.

Following the incident, there have been loads of reactions and comments to what Ronaldo did by removing the two Coca Cola bottles.

In some countries of the world, the sale of Coca Cola has significantly dropped due to accusations of the brand sponsoring Israel’s attacks on innocent Palestinians.

Cristiano Ronaldo says Yes to Water and No to Coca Cola

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